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finding the pet help you need:
look first to those around you

the more support and understanding you have around you, the better you will cope with your grief and the you will come to terms with your loss. not everyone will be sensitive to your needs, especially if they’ve never loved and lost a very special pet, and if they don’t understand the function and importance of grieving. you may encounter relatives, friends or co-workers who unintentionally minimize your loss or, not wanting to see you hurt, discourage you from expressing your grief.

many grieving people make the mistake of holding their feelings in, giving others the impression that they don’t want to talk about their loss. sometimes we need to take the lead in giving those around us permission to talk about our dead pet! by reminiscing and talking openly about how much your pet meant to you, you’re letting others know they don’t need to protect you by acting as if nothing’s happened. if there are youngsters in your life, know that verbalizing, feeling and showing your pain in front of children teaches them that grieving for a lost loved one is acceptable and appropriate.

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